Full Calculation


This property was added in Excel 2007.
This property returns or sets the specified workbook to forced calculation mode.
When this is set to True the dependency tree is not loaded when the workbook is opened.
Therefore every calculation of the workbook is a full calculation rather than a recalculation (using dependency tree)

Setting this property to True will increase the calculation time for data tables in proportion to the size of the data table.
Given a (N x m) table, the calculation time increases by about (N x m)
For example a 3x4 data table will take about 12 times longer to calculate.

If you have a workbook that has so many dependencies that it takes longer to load the dependencies than it does to do a full calculation then you can tell the workbook to do a full calculation instead.

If making a change to a workbook takes a long time in manual mode because of the time taken to dirty all the dependencies of the cell being changed then setting this property to True will remove any delay.

Although this is a workbook property the effect is at the Application level.

If this property has been set to True , there is no way of removing the word "Calculate" from the status bar.
If you change this property back to False after setting it to True it has no effect in the current session.
This property is saved with the workbook.

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