Returns the number corresponding to a particular percentage from an array of numbers (exclusive).

arrayThe array or range of numbers.
kThe percentile between 0 and 1 (exclusive)

* Added in Excel 2010.
* This function PERCENTILE.INC can be used to handle the percentile value in an inclusive range of 0..1.
* If "array" is empty, then #NUM! is returned.
* If "k" is not numeric, then #VALUE! is returned.
* If "k" <= 0, then #NUM! is returned.
* If "k" <= 1, then #NUM! is returned.
* If "k" is not a multiple of 1/(n-1) then interpolation is used to calculate the percentile.
* For an illustrated example refer to the page under Advanced Functions
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to

1=PERCENTILE.EXC({1,2,3,4},0.3) = 1.5
2=PERCENTILE.EXC({1,2,3,4},0.33) = 1.7
3=PERCENTILE.EXC({1,2,3,4},0.9) = #NUM!
4=PERCENTILE.EXC({1,2,3,4},0) = #NUM!
6=PERCENTILE.EXC({1,2,3,4},2) = #NUM!
7=PERCENTILE.EXC({1,2,3,4},"some text") = #VALUE!

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