External Data Source

You can import data from text files, csv files or directly from a database.

Using an Access Database

Choose "External Data Source".
Select "Get Data" as you must retrieve the data first
You database may not be listed so select "New Data Source".
Type the name of the data source and select "Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb).
Choose the database option and select OK.

Add the relevant columns from the tables and select Next.
Specify any filters you would like to use.
Specify how the data is to be sorted.
Click "Finish" and "Return data to Microsoft Excel"

Microsoft Query installed ?

Using a Text File

Using a Consolidation of Ranges

step 2 is different

Using Another PivotTable

Step 2 - is different - SS
Select the pivot table you would like to use.


Pivot Tables that are based on external data can use an enormous amount of memory. Be sure to keep an eye on the size of the workbook that contains pivot tables linked to external data sources.
When the data is from an external source you can choose to have it refreshed at regular intervals.

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