Number of columns increased from 256 to 16,000
 Number of rows increased from 65,536 to 1,000,000
 There are now 16,384 columns and over 1 million rows (1,048,576).
 The last column on a worksheet is now XFD.
 Any data entered into cells outside the A1:IV65536 range will be permanently deleted if the workbook is saved in a previous version
 When a workbook from an earlier version of Excel is converted to the Excel 2007 file format, all full row (3:3) and full column (A:A) references will automatically take into account the new cells in the larger grid size. The reference (A:A) actually refers to A1:A65536 in Excel 2003 but in Excel 2007 this will become A1:A1045536. These should not be used and will no doubt lead to problems later on. Also be extremely careful is these references are used in conjunction with any functions (in particular COUNTBLANK, ROWS, COLUMNS etc).
 This has been removed but can still be added from the Customise, Subtotal command

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