Basic File Search Task Pane

Removed in 2007
This can be used to find files:
1) containing various words or phrases in the file names and actual content
2) located on your computer or on shared networks.
You can display the Basic File Search task pane by selecting (File > File Search).

microsoft excel docs

Search text -
Go -
Restore -
Search tips -
Search in - Lets you type in the exact folder path or select from one of the following options:
Everywhere - searches all the drives on your computer and on any shared networks.
My Computer - searches all the drives on your computer.
My Network Places - searches all the drives on shared networks.
Outlook - searches all the email messages, appointments, contacts, tasks and notes.

Results should be - (see below). Click outside the list once you have made your selection.
Search options -
Advanced File Search
Research -
Find in this document -
You can use multiple clicks in the search in drop-down to select what you want.
By default this task pane will display the last search you performed.

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