New Workbook Task Pane

Removed in 2007
This functionality was moved to the New Workbook dialog box.
This lets you create blank workbooks, create workbooks based on templates and also gives you quick access to the templates that are available from the Microsoft Office Articles website.

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Blank workbook - Creates a blank workbook. This is the same a pressing the New button on the standard toolbar.
From existing workbook - Displays the "New from Existing Workbook" dialog box allowing you to open a copy of an existing file to be used as a template. When you save this workbook the "Save As" dialog box is displayed and a number is appended to the end of the file name.
Templates on Office Articles - Displays a browser window of the templates homepage letting you search for additional templates. You can also type in a keyword and search the Microsoft website directly.
On my computer - Displays the "Templates" dialog box giving you access to the templates currently installed on your computer. You can also type in a URL of the website you want to download a template from.
On my Web Sites - Displays the "New from Templates on my Websites" dialog box letting you type in the URL of the website you want to download a template from. Displays the contents of My Network Places. This displays any internet addresses or locations on your local network where you recently accessed documents.
Recently used templates - This displays a list and gives you quick access to templates you have recently used.

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