Hidden Enumerations in 2007

msoButtonStyleHiddenNot to be used directly from code
msoConditionSpecifies the condition for comparison between a file and a specified property in a file search.
msoConnectorSpecifies the connector between two similar property test values.
msoDiagramNodeTypeSpecifies type of diagram node.
msoDiagramTypeSpecifies the type of diagram.
msoFileFindViewSpecifies view to use for a file find process.
msoFileTypeSpecifies a type of file.
msoHTMLProjectOpenSpecifies the view in which an HTML project or project item is opened.
msoHTMLProjectStateSpecifies the current state of an HTMLProject object.
msoLanguageIDHiddenNot to be used directly from code
msoLastModifiedSpecifies the period of time to filter files by the date last modified. Used with the LastModified property of the FileSearch object.
msoScriptLanguageSpecifies scripting language of the active script.
msoScriptLocationSpecifies the location of the script anchor within a document.
msoSyncAvailableTypeSpecifies whether and under what circumstances synchronization is available for the document.
msoSyncCompareTypeSpecifies how comparison between local copy and server copy should be done in a synchronization process.

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