There are several ways you can create a new document.
1) Starting with a Blank Document.
2) From an Existing Document.
3) From an Existing Template.

Starting with a Blank Document

When you start Word a new blank document and a blank page is automatically created for you.
You can easily create a blank document by selecting (File > New) and clicking on the Blank Document hyperlink in the New Document task pane.
You can also use the shortcut key (Ctrl + N).
Alternatively you can use the button on the Standard toolbar.

microsoft excel docsNew Blank Document - Creates a new document with a single page.

When a document is open the name of the document is displayed in the title bar (top left corner).
By default every new document consists of a single page.

From an Existing Document

It is possible to create a new document which is based on an existing document.
Select (File > New) and to display the New Document task pane and click on the "From existing document" hyperlink.
In Word 2002 this hyperlink is called "Choose document".
This displays the "new from Existing Document" dialog box which can be used to select the document you want to use.

microsoft excel docs

Once you have selected an existing document all the pages from this document will be used to create a new document.

From an Existing Template

Select "from my computer" from the New document task pane to display the familiar Templates dialog box

microsoft excel docs


If the name of the document does not have an extension associated with it, then the document has never been saved.

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