2016 Changes

2013 Changes

New Read Mode
Resume Reading - when you reopen a document you can resume from where it was saved last
Inserting Online Videos
New Revision View - called Simple Markup
Track Changes - comments now have a reply button
PDF file viewing and editing
Pictures & Graphics - Live Layout and alignment guides

2010 Changes

compatible with Windows SharePoint Services 4.0 (v4)

2007 Changes

compatible with Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (v3)

The most common examples of meta-data can be found in the [document properties] dialog box of earlier versions.
including who authored the document and when it was created
A document information panel is a form that is displayed within the client application, and which contains fields for the document metadata. Document information panels enable users to enter important metadata about a file anytime they want, without having to leave the Microsoft Office system client application.
Displayed at the top under the Ribbon

Easy to view and edit document properties if the document is saved in SharePoint library it can include custom properties containing information specific to the template.
Have a link from Documents > Document Properties

Windows Rights Management Services for WIndows Server 2003 (related to IRM)

Set of tests to help you discover why your computer might be crashing
Improved recovery tools.

Microsoft Office Document Imaging - provides a common document imaging and scanning solution
This is part of the setup but not installed by default.

MODI Tool - has been removed

Preview before Pasting
Cut, Copy and Paste is the most common way of moving content between applications.
Word 2010 can copy and paste data in several formats
Paste options include - keep source formatting, merge formatting, use destination theme, keep text only

Navigation Pane - This replaces the Document Map
Ctrl + F to display the navigation pane.
Enables you to quickly reorganise a document by dragging headings into this pane.
Changes you make in this pane are reflected immediately in your document.
Quick search box to locate words in the document.

Concurrent Collaboration
New co-authoring capabilities
2010 now supports concurrent editing of documents by multiple users when the file is .docx and is located on a server running SharePoint Server 2010.
- New content is automatically highlighted
- Author information for any added or shared content is identified by a colour coded bar showing the authors initials
- Version support lets users see when and by whom changes were made to a document and automatically highlights changes relative to earlier versions of the document.
- Faster synchronization of pages so that changes are displayed to all authors in near real-time

Improved Find
These make it easier to browse, search, recognise content all from one easy to use task pane.

Users can now see all the headings of a document, their relative positions and the current location.
- Manipulate the headings to rearrange the content
- Close integration with the find feature
- A view switcher for changing view types

Files can be opened in one of three modes
- Word 2010
- Word 2007 compatibility mode
- Word 97-2003 compatibility mode

View Tab or the navigation control in Reading mode.

The following are the new file extensions
.docx - Word document
.docm - Word document with macros
.dotx - Word template
.dotm - Word template with macros

If you are using a (.dot) in 2007 does it generate a .doc or docx ?

2003 Changes

A number of additional task panes were added:

  • Getting Started

  • Help

  • "Search" was renamed to "Search Results"

  • "Insert Clip Art" was changed to "Clip Art"

  • Research

  • Shared Workspace

  • Document Updates

  • Protect Document

  • XML Structure

  • Translate has been incorporated into the Research task pane

A new compare side by side view enables you to review two similar documents without having to merge the two documents into one. Scrolling in one scrolls them both.
Lets you see changes very quickly.

When you open a document in Reading view Word displays the entire page, with thumbnails of other pages in the lefthand panel
Similar to the thumbnails available in PowerPoint

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