(Insert > Comment)

Use the button on the Reviewing toolbar

alt textInsert Comment -

or (Alt + Ctrl + M)

Inserting the Same Comment

Sometimes you might want to insert the same comment in several places.
For example the writer might have made the same mistake more than once.
Insert the comment and edit the text in the Reviewing Pane.
Then select and copy the comment mark and paste it wherever you want the comment to appear.

Deleting Comments

Right click on the comment marker and select Delete Comment from the shortcut menu.

Inserting Audio Comments

It is possible to insert audio comments as well as text comments.
To record your own audio comment
Is it possible in the Reviewing pane ??


If you turn on Track Changes before you start inserting comments then the comments will also appear in the Tracked Changes. This can be a used to make it easier to resolve both revisions and comments at the same time.
If you are using someone else's computer to make some changes be sure to change the name and initials in the (Tools > Options)(User Information tab) first.

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