You can find and move between comments in various ways:
1) Using the Reviewing Toolbar
2) Using the Browse Object button
3) Using the (Edit > GoTo) dialog box

Using the Reviewing Toolbar

You can quickly move from one comment to another by using the following two buttons on the Reviewing toolbar.

alt textPrevious Change - Goes to the previous comment in the document.
alt textNext Change - Goes to the next comment in the active file.

When you use these buttons the comment will be automatically displayed.

Using the Browse Object Button

You can also use the Browse Button by selecting Comments

Using (Edit > GoTo)

This lets you move to all the comments made by a particular reviewer.
Select (Edit > GoTo) and choose Comments in the GoTo what list.

alt text

You don't have to select a Reviewers name.
If you want to jump to a specific comment you can enter the number.
You can enter a positive of regative number to move forward or back within your document.

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