By Example

Creating a new Paragraph Style

The fastest way to create a new style is to use the Style By Example feature.
Select and format the text exactly as you want it.
You can use the shortcut key (Ctrl + Shift + S) to quickly activate this drop-down list.
Click in the Style drop-down box on the Formatting toolbar and type in the new style name.
When you create a style by exampe this style is automatically saved in the Template attached to the current document.

Paragraph Styles Only

This method can only be used to create Paragraph styles.
It is not possible to create Character, Table or List styles using this method.

Styles Based on Other Styles

You can even use this technique when you want to create a style based on another style
Format the selection of text with the style you want to base the style on.
Apply any additional manual formatting and then type the name directly into the Style drop-down and press Enter.


You must use the Style dialog box to create all other types of styles.

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