Flash Fill

Added in Excel 2013.
Excel can recognise patterns of text
In most cases when you start to type the second entry you will see an autocomplete cell drop-down.
Prior to Excel 2013 these types of manipulations would have required formulas.
Now using Flash Fill these can be done automatically without the use of formulas.
Instead of using formulas you can just type in your new format into an additional column.
When you start to type your new format into the second cell, the new format is previewed in the whole column

Ctrl + E

This populates the cells with the recognised pattern and displays the smart tag
Enter the first entry, press Enter, press (Ctrl + E) to populate and show the smart tag

Undo Flash Fill
Accept Suggestions
Select all 4 changed cells

Double Click Left Mouse Button

Drag Down Right Mouse Button

Enter the first name
Drag the cell down and choose "Flash Fill" from the shortcut menu

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