User FAQs

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1) How can you enter a line break into a cell to spread text over multiple lines ?
(Alt + Enter)

2) How do you find the Last Populated Cell on a worksheet ?
Using the shortcut key (Ctrl + End).


Another way is to use VBA to reset the CutCopyMode property. This doesn't work if macros are disabled.

Sub Workbook_SheetSelectionChange(ByVal sh As Object, _ 
                                  ByVal Target As Range)
   Application.CutCopyMode = False
End Sub

3) What does a Red Triangle in the top right corner of a cell indicate ?
This indicates that a comment has been added to the cell.

4) What does a Green Triangle in the top left corner of a cell indicate ?
This indicates that the Error Checking Smart Tag has identified a potential issue.

5) What is the little square icon that sometime appears in the bottom right corner of a cell ?
This is the Smart Tag.

6) Is it possible to prevent a user from copying cell values from a worksheet ?
Yes. One way to prevent the cells from being selected is by unlocking all the other cells and then protecting the worksheet by unticking 'select locked cells'.

7) What is the difference between UsedRange and CurrentRegion ?
UsedRange - the cell range of all the used cells on the worksheet.
CurrentRegion - the cell range inside blank rows and columns.


8) What is the difference between Range.Value and Range.Value2 ?
The Value2 Property does not recognise (and convert into) the VBA Currency data type or the VBA Date data type.
Range.Value - This returns the formatted value.
Range.Value2 - This returns the actual numerical value without formatting.

9) How would you add a drop-down list to a cell to provide a list of possible values ?
Data Validation

10) When is the Fill Handle displayed ?
It is always displayed in the bottom right corner of the active cell (or selection).

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