Date Range

Highlight the cells

This example shows you how to restrict the data entered to date values in a particular range,
Select the cells you want to apply this restriction to. In this case "C3:C7".
In this example we

microsoft excel docs

Enter the Criteria

Press (Data Validation) to display the Data Validation dialog box and select the Settings tab.
Select Date from the Allow drop-down box.
Select "between" in the Data drop-down box.
Dates can either be entered as 01/07/2009 or a formula.
Enter the date 01/01/1900 in the start date box.
Enter the formula "=TODAY()" in the end date box
The TODAY function returns the serial number representing today's date.
You will get an error if the start date is after the end date.

microsoft excel docs

Press OK to apply the data validation.

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