Cell Styles - Merging

You can copy your styles to different workbooks ??
SS Merge dialog box
It is possible to copy styles between workbooks.
Open both the workbooks and activate the destination workbook. Select (Format > Styles) and select the Merge button.
This dialog box will display a list of all open workbooks. Select the name of the workbook you want to copy the styles from and press OK.
Be aware that any styles with the same name will be overwritten. You will only receive a single prompt regardless of how many styles may be overwritten.
When you merge cell styles (ie copy them from one workbook to another) another dialog box will appear giving you a list of all the open workbooks.
If a style in the source workbook has the same name as one that already exists in your destination workbook you will be notified with the following prompt.
You will only receive this notification once for the first style and not for any subsequent duplicates.
If you choose Yes all the styles in the destination workbook are overwritten with the styles in the source workbook.

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