CHITEST(actual_range, expected_range)

Returns the probability value from a chi-squared distribution.

actual_rangeThe data containing observations to test against expected values.
expected_rangeThe data containing the ratio of the product of row totals and column totals to the grand total.

* CHISQ.TEST was added in Excel 2010 to replace this function.
* The chi-squared distribution is a [[continuous distribution]]
* Returns the test for independence.
* This function returns the value from the chi-squared (?2) distribution for the statistic and the appropriate degrees of freedom.
* You can use ?2 tests to determine whether hypothesized results are verified by an experiment.
* If "actual_range" and "expected_range" have a different number of data points, then #N/A is returned.
* This is similar to the FTEST, TTEST and ZTEST functions.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to
* For the Google documentation refer to

1=CHITEST({2, 3, 4, 5, 6}, {1, 2, 3, 4, 5}) = 0.6810
2=CHITEST(B1:B2, B1:B2) = 120
3=CHITEST(B1:B2, B3) = #N/A30
4=CHITEST(1, "some text") = #N/A 

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