Deleting Rows

There are a number of ways you can delete rows:
1) Using the (Edit > Delete) menu.
2) Using the (Edit > Delete Cells) dialog box.
3) Using the Row shortcut menu.
4) Using the Mouse.
Deleting columns is almost identical and is discussed in step 6.

Using the (Edit > Delete) menu

If you want to delete a single row you must highlight the whole row before selecting (Edit > Delete).

alt text

The rows 2 and 3 will be deleted.
It is not possible to delete a row when only a cell is selected without using the (Edit > Delete Cells) dialog box.

Using the (Edit > Delete Cells) dialog box

It is possible to delete an entire row using the (Edit > Delete Cells) dialog box.
You can also quickly display this dialog box by using the shortcut key (Ctrl + - ).

alt text

Using the Row Shortcut menu

alt text

Using the Mouse

You can delete a single row (or column) or blocks of rows (or columns) or scattered clusters of rows or columns.
Highlight rows 2 and 3.
Hold down the Shift key and select the fill handle with the left mouse button.
Drag the fill handle two rows above.

alt text

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