String & Character Functions

ASCReturns the ANSI number for the first character in a text string (Integer).
CHRReturns the character with the corresponding ANSI number (String).
CSTRReturns the expression converted to a string datatype (String).
FORMATReturns the text string of a number or date in a particular format (String).
INSTRReturns the position of a substring within a larger string (Long).
INSTRREVReturns the position of a substring within a larger string, from the end (Long).
JOINReturns a text string containing all the elements in an array (String).
LCASEReturns the text string with all characters converted to lowercase (String).
LEFTReturns a number of characters from the left of a string (String).
LENReturns the number of characters in a string (Long).
LSETLeft justifies a string within a destination and fills the remainder with spaces.
LTRIMReturns the text string without leading spaces (String).
MID - FunctionReturns the text string which is a substring of a larger string (String).
MID - StatementReplaces a specified number of characters with characters from another string.
REPLACEReturns the text string with a number of characters replaced (String).
RIGHTReturns the number of characters from the right of a text string (String).
RSETRight aligns a string within a string variable.
RTRIMReturns the text string without trailing spaces (String).
SPACEReturns the specified number of spaces (String).
SPLITReturns an array containing a specified number of substrings (Variant).
STRReturns the text string of a number (String).
STRCOMPReturns the result of a string comparison (Integer).
STRCONVReturns the text string converted to a specific case or type (String).
STRINGReturns a repeating character of a given length (String).
STRREVERSEReturns the text string with the characters reversed (String).
TRIMReturns the text string removing leading and trailing spaces (String).
UCASEReturns the text string with all the characters converted to uppercase (String).
VALReturns the numbers contained in a string as a numeric value of the appropriate data type (Double).

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