What is a Footer

A footer is the text added to the bottom margin
The footer often contains the page number.

To quickly access a header or footer you can just double click on the grayed out area that contains the header/footer. To quickly close the header/footer just double click on the normal text.
Headers and footers are printed in the top and bottom page margins. (View > Header and Footer)
Apart from having the same header and footer on every page you can have other choices:
1) Different Odd and Even Pages
2) Different First page
3) Different Sections

To change your Header and Footer select (View > Header and Footer). The header or footer is shown with a dotted line around it.
Page numbering can be controlled by selecting (Insert > Page Numbers).
You can easily move between the header and footer by using the switch between header and footer button on the toolbar.

To display the headers and footers of the current page select (View > Header and Footer).

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You will be automatically switched to Print Layout view if you are in any other view.

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