Paste Smart Tag

Removed in 2007
In Excel 2007 this smart tag was replaced with the Paste Options Smart Tag which displayed icons with more options.

microsoft excel docs

Keep Source Formatting - (Default) Retains the formatting to match the original formatting. (Ctrl, K) (K)
Use Destination Theme - (Added in 2007). Applies the theme font to the pasted cells. (D)
Match Destination Formatting - (Removed in 2013). Copies the formatted data into a differently formatted table without having to re apply the formatting. (M)
Values and Number Formatting - Pastes the values without losing any number formats. Identical to Paste Special, Values and number formats. (N)
Keep Source Column Widths - Retains column widths. This is identical to "Keep Source Formatting" except that the column widths are pasted as well. (W)
Formatting Only - Leaves the contents of the cells alone and just applies the formatting. Identical to the Format Painter. (F)
Link Cells - Instead of pasting the contents of the cut or copied cell, it pastes a formula cell reference to the source cells, ignoring the source formatting. Identical to Paste Special, Link. (L)
Use Text Import Wizard - This only appears when you paste plain text from another program, such as NotePad.

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