Blank Cells Horizontal

Single Row - GoToSpecial

Highlight the cells containing all the cells, including the blank cells.
(Home tab, Editing Group)(Find & Select - GoTo Special) or (F5, Special).
This will display the "Go To Special" dialog box.
Select Blanks and press OK.
This will select all the cells that are blank.

Then remove the entire columns for all the selected cells.
(Home Tab, Cells Group)(Delete > Delete Cells, Entire Column).
Right mouse click and press Delete.
This will display the Delete dialog box.
Choose "Shift Cells Up" and press OK.
The Undo (Ctrl + Z) can be used if you want to put the blank cells back.

Single Row - Array Formula

An alternative to actually removing the blank cells, is to create another list without the blanks.
This can be done using Array Formulas and there are several different formulas you could use.
Formulas > Array Formulas > Removing Blanks

VBA User Defined Function

NONBLANKVALUES - Returns a cell range with all the blanks removed.

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