FLOOR(number, significance)

Returns the number rounded down to the nearest integer or significant figure.

numberThe number to be rounded down.
significanceThe multiple you want the number rounded to.

* FLOOR.MATH was added in Excel 2013 to replace this function.
* If any of the arguments are not numeric, then #VALUE! is returned.
* If "number" or "significance" have different signs, then #NUM! is returned (last example ?)
* Regardless of the sign of number, a value is rounded down when adjusted away from zero. If number is an exact multiple of significance, no rounding occurs.
* For the Microsoft documentation refer to support.microsoft.com

1=FLOOR(2.5,1) = 2
2=FLOOR(-2.5,-2) = -2
3=FLOOR(1.5,0.1) = 1.5
4=FLOOR(0.234,0.01) = 0.23
5=FLOOR(28.4,0.5) = 28
6=FLOOR(12.2,0.5) = 12
7=FLOOR(28.4,0.1) = 28.4
8=FLOOR(-2.5,2) = -4

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