A preview of the workbook is display on the right hand side of the screen.

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Print - Prints the active worksheet to your default printer.
Copies - Lets you choose the number of copies.


Printer - Displays a drop-down list of available printers.
Printer Properties - Displays the selected printer properties dialog box. These specific options will depend on the type of printer(s) connected.


Displays the common options from the Page Setup dialog box.

Print What - This drop-down contains the following options:
Print Active Sheets - (default)
Print Entire Workbook -
Print Selection -
Ignore Print Area -
Print Range - All the pages will be printed by default however you can print just a selection of pages by entering values into the To and From boxes.
Print Options - This drop-down contains the options:
Print One Sided - (Added in 2016, Removed in 2016)
Print On Both Sides - Flip pages on long edge
Print On Both Sides - Flip pages on short edge
Collated - The drop-down contains the options: Collated, Uncollated
Orientation - The drop-down contains the options: Portrait Orientation and Landscape Orientation
Paper Size - A4, Letter, More Sizes
Margins - Last Column Setting, Normal, Wide, Narrow, Custom Margins
Scaling - No scaling, Fit Sheet on One Page, Fit All Columns on One Page, Fit All Rows on One Page, Custom Scaling Options

Page Setup

Page Setup dialog box.

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