Standard Toolbar

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alt textView Application - Toggles between the host application and the Visual Basic window.
alt textInsert Userform - Defaults to a userform but also allows you to insert modules and procedures.
alt textSave - Saves the application including all the Visual Basic components.
alt textCut - Removes the selected control or text and places it on the clipboard.
alt textCopy - Copies the selected control or text and places it on the clipboard.
alt textPaste - Inserts the contents of the clipboard at the current location.
alt textFind - Displays the Find dialog box allowing you to search for particular text.
alt textUndo - Reverse the last text editing action.
alt textRedo - Restores the last text editing Undo actions.
alt textRun - Runs the current procedure if the cursor is in a procedure. Runs a userform if a userform is currently displayed. Displays the Run dialog box otherwise ??
alt textBreak - Stops execution of a program while it is running and switches into break mode.
alt textReset - Clears the execution stack module level variables and resets the project.
alt textDesign Mode - Toggles design mode.
alt textProject Explorer - Displays (or toggles) the Project Explorer window.
alt textProperties Window - Displays (or toggles) the Properties window.
alt textObject Browser - Displays (or toggles) the display of the Object Browser window.
alt textToolbox - Toggles the display of the toolbox that contains userform controls. This is only available when a userform is active.
alt textHelp - Opens the Office Assistant.

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