You can give your outlined numbered list a name - at the bottom - ONE WORD no spaces

Customise Numbered List Dialog Box

This allows you to control every part of a bullet points appearance.

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Number position -
Aligned at - How far in from the left margin do you want the number (or bullet to appear).
Tab space after - How far in from the left margin do you want the text on the first line to start,
If this is less than the Aligned at value then then value is ignored and Word will improvise with unexpected results.
If the number you want displayed will not fit in the necessary gap then the first line will be automatically pushed to the next (default) tab stop.
Indent at - How far in from the margin do you want the text on the second and subsequent lines to start.
This will probably always be the same value as the Tab space after value.
Link level to style - Used to define styles that are at specific levels. This must be linked to that style !!
Follow number with -
ListNum field list name -
Legal style numbering -
Restart numbering after -
Apply changes to -

Numbering the First Level

In the Level list, choose Level 1.
The Number format box shows you how your numbering will look.
If you chose the first of the pre-set options, it will say 1). If you don't want the ), delete it.
If you want your number to be followed by a period, add a
If you want a different numbering style (for example, roman numbers or letters), choose one from the Number style box.
If you want a word to appear before the number (for example, "Section ", "Chapter " or "Part "), type the word before the number.

Numbering the Lower Levels

For second and subsequent levels, indicate in the Previous Level Number box whether you want to include the number from the previous level.
Tick the box that says Restart Numbering After, and ensure it's set to the correct level. So restart Level 2 after Level 1, for example.

Controlling the Indents

You have to control the positioning of the indents in the Customise Outline Numbered List dialog box
If you use direct formatting or change the formatting options defined in the style they will be overwritten by the setting defined in the Customise Outline Numbered List dialog box

Applying the Relevant Styles

You can always modify the styles afterwards

Changing the Indents Afterwards

If you want to change the indentation at a later date you must have the cursor in a level 1 paragraph for the numbered outline you want to change.
Your cursor must be a level 1 paragraph regardless of which level you want to change.
Select (Format > Bullets and Numbering).
Select the style.
You must always use the list template in the same position.
choose Modify > Format > Numbering

For single level bullets and numbering you only need to define the indents and tabs for one level.
In a multi level list you need to define these for all the levels.

Step 1
Create all the necessary paragraph styles for each level
should use built-in styles
List Bullet, List Bullet 2
List Number, List Number 2
List Continue, List Continue 2
make sure they are based on "no style"

Step 2
Remove all indents and tabs
special indent - none
line spacing - single
add any necessary: left indentation, spacing before or spacing after

Step 3
reset all the outline numbered bullet formats

Step 4
place the cursor in a paragraph of text formatted as List Bullet
select List Bullet in the styles and formatting task pane and select (Modify > Format > Numbering)
display the Outline Numbered tab
select the format that is similar to what you want.

Step 5
click customise
define "all" the levels
click more
enter name in ListNum field
select level 1 change accordingly
change link level to style - ListBullet

Step 6
making changes
select level 1 of your particular outlined list

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