Quick Numbering

Single Level Numbered Bullets - Also known as simple numbering or single level numbering.
When you just want to add single level numbering.

Numbering - Toggles numbered bullets from selected paragraphs.

This section focuses on single level
For this type you can use the Bullets and Numbering buttons on the Formatting toolbar.
You can only use single level buttons with footnotes.

Single Paragraph

Numbered bullet points can be toggled on single paragraphs.

Multiple Paragraphs

Numbered bullet points can also be toggled on multiple paragraphs except when the first line doesn't contain any text ??

Managing Quick Numbering

Single level bullets are represented by the (Format > Bullets and Numbering)(Numbered tab)

Quick Numbering Style

When text is formatted as a single bullet a default style of "Numbered" is applied to the text


List Templates can be either single level or multi level

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