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Add space for underlines -
Adjust line height to grid height in the table -
Allow hyphenation between pages or columns -
Balance SBCS characters and DBCS characters - Not used in U.S. English Word.
Convert backslash characters into yen signs - Not used in U.S. English Word.
Don't center "exact line height" lines - This option changes the vertical position of text between the top of the line space and the bottom of the line space. With this option turned off, any extra space is split between the ascender and descender. With the option turned on, all the extra space goes to the descender.
Don't expand character spaces on a line that ends with Shift + Return -
Don't use HTML paragraph auto spacing - If you have Auto set for Paragraph Spacing Before/After, and you turn this option on, Word adjusts Paragraph Spacing Before/After to 5 pt.
Draw underline on trailing spaces -
Suppress extra line spacing at bottom of page - WordPerfect suppresses any extra line spacing from the last line on a page. For example, if line spacing is set to double, the final line on the page does not display white space below it.
Suppress extra line spacing at top of page - This option prevents Word from adding extra line spacing at the top of a page. If the line spacing for the line at the top of a page is set for more than single spacing, Word ignores the extra spacing, so that the top margin does not increase.
Use line breaking rules - This option controls line breaks in a Thai language document.
Use Word 2013 rules for hyphenation between pages and columns -

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