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Prompt before saving Normal template - Select this option to display, when you close Word, a message that asks if you want to save any changes that were made to the default template. Because changes to the default template will affect any new documents that you create, you may want to be alerted when the template has changed. Clearing this check box automatically saves changes without prompting you.
Always create backup copy - Select this option to create a backup copy of a document each time you save the document. Each backup copy replaces the previous backup copy. Word adds the phrase "Backup of" to the file name and applies the file extension .wbk to all backup copies. The backup copies are saved in the same folder as your original document.
Copy remotely stored files onto your computer, and update the remote file when saving - Select this option to temporarily store a local copy of a file that you store on a network or removable drive. When you save the local copy, Word saves your changes to the original copy. If the original file is not available, Word prompts you to save the file in another location to avoid data loss.
Allow background saves - Select this option to save your document while you work. A progress meter appears in the status bar when Word performs a background save.

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