How to change the Existing Template ?

It is possible to change the template that is attached to an existing document.
All documents have a template attached to them except for documents created using any of the various wizards.
To attach a different template to your document, select (Tools > Templates and Add-ins).
Press "Attach".

You can attach a different template that has the items you want, and it will replace the currently attached template.
You might want to do this, for example, if you originally based your document on the Normal template but now want to use a template with custom styles, macros, or other settings.

The "Attach Template" dialog box will be displayed allowing you to browse to the new template.
Click "Open".

If you want to update your existing document styles to reflect those in the new template, check the "Automatically Update Document Styles check box".
Changing lots of documents - record a macro that changes the attached template to the new template and automatically updates the document styles.
Rename the macro "AutoOpen" and add it to your Normal.dotm template.
It will then run automatically every time you open a new document to reflect your new template.

Attaching a different template

On the Tools menu, click Templates and Add-Ins.
Click Attach, and then select the template you want.
Click Open.

Copy styles, AutoText entries, toolbars, or macros to a template

On the Tools menu, click Templates and Add-Ins.
Click Organizer, and then click the tab for the items you want to copy.
To copy items to or from a different template or file, click Close File to close the active document and its attached template or to close the Normal template. Then click Open File, and open the template or file you want.
Click the items you want to copy in either list, and then click Copy.

Changing Template Components

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