Where should I put my macros ?

Word templates which contain VBA code create documents with no VBA code in them but do have a reference to the original template.

You can either put your macros in the global template "Normal.dotm".
Although this is the quickest and easiest I would not recommend it.
Your Normal.dotm can have a tendency to corrupt and is also a haven for viruses.

Can I share my macros ?

You should put your macros in another template "".

To ensure your macro are always available you can save this template in your start up folder. (File > New) click Templates, click OK and save to your Start up folder.

Creating a Global Template

Quit and restart to ensure that it's a global template. Go into the VBA editor and then copy your macros across remembering to save the template before quiting

When recording a macro you cannot use the mouse for certain operations, especially selecting text and moving around in a paragraph or table. It is important that you are able to use the keyboard for the operations normally done by the mouse

If an attached template is not the Normal template and you wish to call a procedure in the Normal template then you must add a reference to the calling Project

Distributing my template


Never share your Normal.dotm template or save it on a network drive. If you want to distribute your macros to other users then you should create a Global Template.

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