Saving Changes to your Normal Template

The default is for Word to allow these changes without any notification but there is a setting to change this.
(Tools > Options)(Save tab, "Prompt to save Normal template")
Changes have been made that affect the global template, Normal.dotm. Do you want to save those changes

If the Normal template is deleted this message will appear the first time you re-open and then close Word
You must press Yes for a new template to be created.

The most common problem is that changes have been made that the user is not aware of.
These changes are often done behind the scenes by templates (user, workgroup or global), third party add-ins (COM or VSTO), smart tags etc.
These changes can then often lead to a corrupted Normal template.

An add-in or template might make changes when they are opened
The most common change to to menu bars and toolbars.

You can remove the "Do you want to save changes"

Public Sub AutoClose 
   ActiveDocument.AttachedTemplate.Saved = True
End Sub

Deleting Normal.dotm

If you delete this file the next time you open Word it doesn't exist.
It only exists (ie is created) when you exit WOrd
Therefore any toolba or menu customisations will not be saved the first time
Close and reopen before you making those changes.


Must always make sure the CustomisationContext = "NormalTemplate"
The default will change when a template file is opened

The commandbars temporary property is ignored in Word - this is a long standing bug

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