There are two ways you can move an embedded chart:
1) By selecting the Chart Area and dragging.
2) By selecting the Chart Object and dragging.

Resizing the Chart Area

To size an object in an chart, you must first select the chart.
If the chart is an embedded chart you just need to select the chart area and use one of the 8 black fill handles to resize the chart
You can resize a chart by dragging any of the 8 black handles. The handles are the black squares along the outside of the chart.
To resize a chart, select the chart object format / object and alter the height and width accordingly on the size tab.

microsoft excel docs

The mouse cursor will change when you hover over one of the eight handles.

microsoft excel docs

Resizing the Chart Object

You should see an outline of the chart move when you drag the mouse.

microsoft excel docs

To size an object move the mouse pointer over the object and press the right mouse button ??
You can drag the sides using the handles ??

Resizing a Chart on a Chart Sheet

(View > Sized with Window)
This was removed in 2007.

Resizing Multiple Charts

It is possible to select multiple charts and drag a corner to resize them all.


To resize a chart in one dimension only (either height or width) drag one of the handles along that side.
To resize a chart on both dimensions drag one of the handles at the corner.

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