Copying Charts

Excel at 100%, Word at 100%
Change the size to height 6cm, width 12cm Select the chart and press (Ctrl + C) or the Copy button

Switch to Word and Press (Ctrl + V) or press the large Paste button
The chart will be copied in with exactly the same height and width.
This can be seen from the Format tab The Paste Special smart tag will appear next to the chart by default.

Use Destination Theme & Embed Workbook -
Keep Source Formatting & Embed Workbook -
Use Destination Theme & Link Data (default with Ctrl + V) -
Keep Source Formatting & Link Data Picture -

Always copy the charts as chart object (black handles) and not as general objects (white handles).
To copy a chart to the clipboard, right click the chart object (black handles) and select copy.

You can make an exact copy of an existing chart by holding down the Ctrl key, selecting the chart and dragging it with the mouse.
If your chart exists on a chart sheet then you need to copy the whole sheet.
For more information about copying sheets, please refer to the Copying Sheets page.


Copying chart into Word as an EMF results in the chart being the wrong width
Best to paste it as a "windows metafile"

Copying Cells

Copying Cells

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