No document properties will be displayed if the document has not been saved.
These properties can be extremely useful when searching for files.

General Tab

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Type - The type of file in this case a Microsoft Word 97-2003 Document.
Location Size - The file location where the document is saved.
Size - The total file size of the document.

Summary Tab

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Title - Type the title you want to use when searching for this file. The title can be different from the file name.
Subject - Type the subject of the file. Use this property to group similar files together, so you can search for all files that have the same subject. The other properties can be used to group similar files together, so you can search for files that have specific properties.
Author - Automatically populated when a document is created and is taken from the users (Tools > Options)(User Information tab)
Manager -
Company -
Category -
Keywords -
Comments -
Hyperlink base- Type the path or URL that you want to use for all hyperlinks with the same base address that are inserted in the current document. This can be an Internet address, a path to a folder on your hard disk, or a path to a folder on a network.
Save preview picture - Saves a picture of the first page of the file for previewing in the New dialog box. Selecting this option increases the size of your file.

Statistics Tab

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Created - The date the document was created.
Modified - The date the document was last modified.
Accessed - The date the document was last opened.
Printed -
Last saved by - The name of the user that last saved the document taken from (Tools > Options)(General tab, "Name").
Revision number -
Total editing time -
Statistics -

Contents Tab

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Custom Tab

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Name - Select or create a name for the property.
Type - The type of the property, either Text, Date, Numeric or Yes / No.
Value - The text or value you want to save as the custom property.
Link to content - Whether the custom property is linked to a specific item in the file.
Properties - Lists all the custom properties that have been created in the active document.
Add - Adds the custom property to the active document.
Delete - Removes the custom property from the active document.

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