Most of use just use (File > SaveAs) when we need to save a new version of a document.
There is however a more convenient way of providing a document audit trail.
It is possible to store each new version in the same file, so that older versions don't get lost or misplaced.

(File > Versions)
The Save Version dialog box opens
You can also save a new version by clicking on Save Version from the (File > SaveAs)(Tools drop-down)
Enter the comments on the version, for example who made the changes and why. And click OK
A new version of the document is then saved in the original file.

After you have saved another version of the document a Version icon will appear on the right hand side of the status bar
Thsi icon can be used to quickly identify if a document contains more than one version.
You can also double click on this icon to display the Versions dialog box.
To open a particular version click on it and select Open.
You cannot edit the comments that were saved against an earlier version.

If you are planning to send the document for review it is worth deleting any older versions first to ensure that the reviewer is looking at the latest version.

When you open an older version of a file it will be displayed in a separate application window and will arrange the two windows one above the other.
The version you opened has save date in its title.

Automatically save a new version - checkbox can be used to automatically save a new version every time a different editor finishes with the document.


If you apply document statistics to a document that contains several versions, the statistics will only be applied to the current version.
You cannot use the Compare Documents feature to compare two versions of the same document.

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