Formula Refers To Empty Cells

This rule identifies cells containing formulas that refer to empty cells.

Smart Tag Menu

Trace Empty Cell - Displays a red tracer arrow to help find the empty cells.
Help on this Error - Displays the Help task pane.
Ignore Error - This removes the green triangle from the cell and the cell is no longer considered an error.
Edit in Formula Bar - Places the cursor into the Formula bar so it can be edited.
Error Checking Options - Displays the Options, Formulas Tab.


When a formula refers to the cells that are empty.
Enter the values 5, 10 and 15 into cells "B2", "B3" and "B4".

Enter the formula "=SUM(B2:B4)" into cell "B5".

Delete the value in cell "B3".
Empty or blank cells are not included but zeros will be included.

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