Inserting Rows

When you want to insert extra rows there are a number of ways you can do this:
Rows are always added below the active cell.
1) Using the (Insert > Rows) menu.
2) Using the (Insert > Cells) dialog box.
3) Using the Row shortcut menu.
4) Using the Mouse.
Rows will be inserted above the active row or cell.
When you insert a new row it is an entirely new row extending to the very last column.
You can insert a single row (or column) or you can insert a block of rows (or columns).
All formulas anywhere on the worksheet that refer to data in any of the columns to the right of the new column are adjusted automatically.
In a similar way any formulas below a new row are also automatically adjusted.
When you insert a new row the formatting in copied from the row directly above.
Holding down Ctrl lets you select non contiguous rows.

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