Returns the number of days between two dates using a defined list of workdays.
For instructions on how to add a function to a workbook refer to the page under Inserting Functions

Option Base 1    

'lStartDate - The starting date
'lEndDate - The finishing date
'rgeHolidays - The dates to exclude from the working calendar, holidays and floating days.
'rgeWorkdays - The days of the week that you want to include.

Public Function NETWORKDAYSMISC(ByVal lStartDate As Long, _
                                ByVal lEndDate As Long, _
                                ByVal rgeHolidays As Range, _
                                ByVal rgeWorkDays As Range) As Long
Dim iweekdaycount As Integer
Dim bhasvalidworkday As Boolean
Dim bisvalidworkday As Boolean
Dim lnewdate As Long
Dim arholidays() As Long
Dim iholidaycount As Integer
Dim iarrayno As Integer
Dim ldaycount As Long

   If lStartDate = lEndDate Then NETWORKDAYSMISC = 0
   If lStartDate = lEndDate Then Exit Function

   bhasvalidworkday = False
   For iweekdaycount = 1 To 7 Step 1
      If rgeWorkDays.Item(iweekdaycount).Text <> "" Then
         bhasvalidworkday = True
         Exit For
      End If
   Next iweekdaycount

   If bhasvalidworkday = False Then Call MsgBox("The rgeWorkDays parameter is incorrect")
   If bhasvalidworkday = False Then Exit Function

   ReDim arholidays(rgeHolidays.Count)
   For iholidaycount = 1 To rgeHolidays.Count
      If rgeHolidays.Item(iholidaycount).Value <> "" Then
         arholidays(iholidaycount) = rgeHolidays.Item(iholidaycount).Value
         Exit For
      End If
   Next iholidaycount
   ReDim Preserve arholidays(iholidaycount - 1)

   lnewdate = lStartDate
   ldaycount = 0

   Do Until lnewdate = lEndDate
      bisvalidworkday = True

      If lStartDate < lEndDate Then lnewdate = lnewdate + 1
      If lStartDate > lEndDate Then lnewdate = lnewdate - 1

      If rgeWorkDays.Item(VBA.Weekday(lnewdate)).Text <> "" Then
         For iarrayno = 1 To UBound(arholidays)
            If lnewdate = arholidays(iarrayno) Then
                bisvalidworkday = False
                Exit For
            End If
         Next iarrayno

         If bisvalidworkday = True Then
            If (lStartDate - lEndDate) < 0 Then ldaycount = ldaycount + 1
            If (lStartDate - lEndDate) > 0 Then ldaycount = ldaycount - 1
         End If
      End If
   NETWORKDAYSMISC = ldaycount
End Function
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