Draw Tab

This tab is only available if you have a Microsoft 365 subscription.

Drawing Tools

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Select Objects - Select ink, shapes and text areas. Useful when working with objects that are behind the text.
Lasso Select - This has been moved to the first icon in the Pens Gallery. Select by drawing a shape. Everything inside the shape will be selected.
Eraser - Lets you erase your ink annotations.
Pen 1 - Clicking on a pen allows you change the colour and the thickness. Not to be confused with the Text Highlight Color button that can be found in Word on the Home Tab.
Pen 2 -
Highligher -


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Ink To Shape - Lets you convert your annotated shapes to drawing shapes.
Ink To Math - Lets you quickly write out complex maths equations and have them converted to text. You can also insert an ink equation in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint by going to Insert > Equation > Ink Equation.


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Ink Replay - Shows you order in which the ink was drawn allowing you to pause and replay.

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