File and Directory Functions

CHDIRDefines the current default directory (Statement).
CHDRIVEDefines the current default drive (Statement).
CLOSECloses a text file (Statement).
CURDIRReturns the current path of a given drive (Function) (String).
DIRReturns the name of a file or directory matching a pattern or attribute (Function) (String).
EOFReturns the boolean value indicating if the end of a file has been reached (Function) (Boolean).
FILEATTRReturns the file mode of the specified file (Function) (Long).
FILECOPYCopies a file from one directory to another (Statement).
FILEDATETIMEReturns the date and time when a file was created or last modified (Function) (Date).
FILELENReturns the length of a file in bytes (Function) (Long).
FREEFILEReturns the next valid free file number (Function) (Integer).
GETReads data from an open file into a variable (Statement).
GETATTRReturns the attributes of a given file or directory (Function) (Integer).
INPUT - FunctionReturns the open stream of an Input or Binary file (Function) (String).
INPUT - StatementReads data from a file and assigns it to variables (Statement).
KILLDeletes an existing file (Statement).
LINE INPUTReads a single line from an Open sequential file and assigns it to a string (Statement).
LOCReturns the current read/write position within an open file (Function) (Long).
LOCKControls reads to a file (Statement).
LOFReturns the size of an open file, in bytes (Function) (Long).
MKDIRCreates a new directory (Statement).
NAMERenames an existing file or directory (Statement).
OPENOpens a text file (Statement).
PRINTWrites display formatted data to a sequential file (Statement).
PUTWrites data from a variable to a file (Statement).
RESETCloses all files open with the Open statement (Statement).
RMDIRRemoves an existing directory (Statement).
SEEKReturns the current read/write position within a file opened using the Open statement (Function) (Long).
SEEKRepositions where the next operation will occur (Statement).
SETATTRDefines the attributes of a file or directory (Statement).
SPCdisplaying text using the Print # statement (Function).
TABUsed with the Print # statement or the Print method to position output (Function).
UNLOCKControls access to a file (Statement).
WIDTHAssigns an output line width (characters) for the open file associated with the filenumber (Statement).
WRITEWrites data to a sequential file (Statement).

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